January: Garnet

Description: Garnet, a beautiful, multi-faceted gem that reveals itself in a myriad of colors, is known for its ability to bring peace, prosperity, and good health to its wearer. Garnet is also said to promote love, passion, and healthy relationships - what stone could be more perfect for the start of a new year? Come see our selection of this stunning gem at our showroom in Glastonbury, CT!  

February: Amethyst

Description: There is much more to amethyst than its brilliant and popular purple coloring. Amethyst has been revered for centuries as the ‘protector’ stone, guarding from stress and anxiety, and promoting high levels of trust, spirituality, and deep intuition. Its wearer will not only benefit from its beauty, but also from its healing, meditative qualities.  

March: Aquamarine

Description: Aquamarine’s story is just as alluring and deep as its pristine blue hue. Its name stems from the Latin word for ‘seawater’, and it was believed to bring safety to sailors at sea. This elegant, bright stone promotes fluidity between changes in one’s life, and boosts confidence and self-discovery. Learn more about aquamarine from our informed associates by calling 860-652-0806 today!  

April: Diamond

Description: The story behind a diamond is unrivaled; starting in its rich history and ending in the hands of its wearer. Named after the Greek word for ‘unbreakable’, there is just as much beauty in the strength of this stone as there is in the everlasting romance it signifies. With deep connections to romance, purity, and faithfulness, diamonds have been and will always be the gem of love. View our extensive inventory of priceless diamonds at our location in Glastonbury, CT - 120 Hebron Ave, Eric Town Square.  

May: Emerald

Description: The deep, rich green color that emeralds are known for has been admired since its discovery thousands of years ago. Today, this stunning gem symbolizes hope in the future, renewal, and growth, and promotes inspiration in its wearer. Emerald is the perfect stone for the spring season, foretelling future events and revealing one’s truths. Find out more about our pricing and setting up an appointment at  

June: Pearl & Alexandrite

Description: Two stones, two opportunities to express yourself. With multiple colors and styles, and a connection to wisdom and good karma. Alexandrite on the other hand is extremely rare, but still benefits its wearer in many ways - through access to the warm, healing energy and love of the universe. Find the perfect stone for you by contacting us today!  

July: Ruby

Description: Eye catching, magnificent, and fiery - that is the essence of the beautiful red ruby. Known as the stone of nobility and prosperity, this famous gem is sure to make its owner feel luxurious every time its worn. Visit our showroom in Glastonbury, CT today for a professional buying experience!  

August: Peridot

Description: Did you know that peridot is the only other gem, alongside a diamond, that forms under pressure? The symbolism of a peridot going through difficulty to emerge beautiful and shining on the other side is exactly why this unique stone has been cherished for years. Carrying the gift of radiance and inner peace, the peridot is a gem you have to see to believe - set up an appointment to view our selection of peridots by emailing  

September: Sapphire

Description: Who could forget the dazzling, deep blue hue of the sapphire? This sacred stone is known to give its wearer a feeling of connection to a higher power, and promotes strength, kindness, and wise judgement. Wear it to dress up a formal outfit, or every day as a piece that never loses its shine. Give us a call today at 860-652-0806 to ask us about our one-of-a-kind sapphires!  

October: Opal & Tourmaline

Description: Looking for an exquisite rainbow of color that can’t be beat? Opals and tourmaline are both gorgeous stones in their own right, and come in many different shades.Boost self-esteem with opal’s confident traits, or keep your body and digestive system healthy with powerful tourmaline. Visit our showroom at 120 Hebron Ave, Glastonbury, CT for more information!  

November: Citrine & Topaz

Description: These two radiant stones are here to brighten up the chilly winter months! The positive energy and gentle yellow coloring of citrine and the calming properties of topaz are the perfect duo for a happy transition into the last months of the year. Plus, the coloring of these two gems makes for an elegant combination piece - speak to our associates today about finding the best jewelry for you!  

December: Blue Zircon, Turquoise & Tanzanite

Description: If blue is your favorite color, you have definitely come to the right place. The serene, radiant shades captured in zircon, turquoise, and tanzanite are enough to replace your winter blues, along with the unique power of each individual stone. Clarity, tranquility, and spirituality are just a few of the benefits for the lucky wearer - contact us to schedule a private appointment today!

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