We Buy Gold by Appointment

Gozzo Jewelers maintains the highest level of customer satisfaction when it comes to buying gold, silver and platinum. Come to Gozzo Jewelers and turn in your old, broken, mismatched jewelry for money! Visit our location and experience a no-pressure environment to get paid for your old and unwanted gold, silver and platinum.

We Pay Competitive Prices...

Now is a great time to gather all your unwanted or broken jewelry to bring in for immediate payment.

Did You Know?

In its pure form, gold is too soft to be used in jewelry. In order to give it resilience to hold up to everyday wear, gold is alloyed with other metals. Gold purity is measured in karats, abbreviated as the letter "k" and preceded by a number. 100% pure gold is 24k.

Gold is available in a variety of different karats:


  • 22 karat (91.7% gold)
  • 18 karat (75% gold)
  • 14 karat (58.3% gold)
  • 12 karat (50% gold)
  • 10 karat (41.7% gold)


For more information, visit our location at 120 Hebron Ave, Eric Town Square in Glastonbury, CT or call 860-652-0806 to set up your appointment.

Got Questions?

If you have any questions please let us know. We look forward to hearing from you!